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Card Readings

Tarot cards have touched the lives of countless individuals, giving them peace, comfort and insight in both times of joy and challenge. It's one of the most accurate ways to receive detailed guidance about your future and answers to questions.  Consulting tarot cards is like spending time with a dear, wise relative who acknowledges both the shadows and the joys of life. 


Angel Cards preserve the ancient divination methods, using positive, gentle,

and life-affirming words and pictures.

Private Readings:     

    $45 for 30 minutes
    $65 for 45-60 minutes

at  The Energy Healing Center

11711 Arbor Street, Suite 215 

Omaha, NE 68144

• Parties:  

   Minimum of 4, maximum of 8            

     $40 for each 20 minutes 



"I loved her reading. It very accurate and on point, and her cards are so beautiful."

~ Carol Ann

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